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Ferrari art paintings in acrylic on canvas
Color and emotion on canvas
Ferrari - Legend and Myth -
here are many high-horsepowered cars, but none is like a Ferrari. That is the myth, the appreciation of the creativity of Enzo Ferrari. Horsepower-spectacle and fascination on the road. The sound of the 8 and 12-cylinder engines is an emotional experience. Ferrari is horsepower-art on wheels. Rod Neers FerrariArt - this is color and emotion in acrylic on canvas. The beauty of the models and the design in the style of Pop Art to show, this is an artistic challenge. As a result, FerrariArt for the Ferrari enthusiast.

Ferrari Feeling
and my art have much in common. Enthusiasm, horsepower and joy of design as a final result. The racing department in the major contribution to the myth of Ferrari. The "red racers" from Maranello were a dictum in the global fascination of motorsports. The thrill of the race track is reflected not only there, but also takes place in acrylic on canvas. The design of the car body melts in the composition. The color red becomes the altar of emotions.

Fascination Ferrari
The supercars from Maranello are a measure of speed, tradition, exclusivity and luxury. To show the narrow connection between road and race cars, is an exciting task. In my artwork the color is an important factor. Red means dynamism, life, strength and power - Red is Ferrari. In every play of colors is Ferrari`s energy and guarantee of exclusivity. The visualization of the fascination Ferrari is the focus of my work. The elegant shape of the car is integrated in my stylistic design, which combines engineering with art. A snapshot of emotions preserved. I am Iinfluenced by the Pop Art from the 60s, especially from paintings by Andy Warhol.

n the past 30 years I have created an extensive body of work. From the automotive art to purely geometrical works (constructive abstraction), to New York images. I have been dealing with FerrariArt for over 30 years always with new results. I have taken a very different artistic way in 2015. I think with this kind of representation I will come pretty close to the myth of Ferrari. I have been searching my whole life for innovation. Now I'm into the home stretch.

I gained fame with my car art and Pop Art paintings. I' ve created the artwork "New Beetle" for the Volkswagen AG. The artistic creation in the central administration of Citroen AG was a highlight of my work. My works are in the BMW Collection as well as in the management of Daimler AG.

y works received highest recognition at the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, New York . My paintings are enjoyed by many collectors around the world. The common denomintor of my work is this message: Contemporary art as a tribute to Ferrari.

Rod Neer